Friday, November 25, 2011

Do you think kids/teenagers today are having ';too much'; fun?

I'm probably not one to judge since I'm 13, but definetly no. It's just the way of life, the way of this generation. I'm probably myself going to be asking this question wjen the next generation comes, though. ;)Do you think kids/teenagers today are having ';too much'; fun?

Kids today, (I am a kid) are more spoiled by their parents.

But I think that also depends on how much money the family has.

Also, parents today want nothing to do with their children.

So they kick them out and send them to their friends houses.

Or tell them to ';get some fresh air,'; key to get out of the house.Do you think kids/teenagers today are having ';too much'; fun?
It depends on what they are doing. There is nothing wrong with teens talking to their friends on the Internet, as long as what they are doing is safe and isn't going to get them into trouble and they aren't shirking their chores and such, there's no such thing as too much fun.
no, and basically as a teen we hang out and use the internet to contact eachother but we also listen to music, do drugs, drink alcohol, and do sports all the time.
lol what type of fun do you mean...?

as in fun fun? nahh! no one can have too much fun!

as in FUNNN fun (if you are catchin my drift ;p) then yeah probably.... more than people used to i think.. but atleast we have more protection! :)
no way! i think its just the difference in the generations, lol. you didnt do this stuff whe you were our age? its the same thing just in a different time.
you can never have too much fun
no, but i think their being irresponsible about the fun their having.
lucky are the youths today with all the technology and all the stuff they (we) have...
kids and teenagers have always been having fun.

its just the way we live.
Since when is it wrong to have fun?
no! what are you talking about?
hah. ? basically the same kinda.. we just like to have fun?
no who cares
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  • Do you know any good sites for christians that are teenagers?

    Thank you!! :)Do you know any good sites for christians that are teenagers?

    and this is the church i attend : www.generationchurch.orgDo you know any good sites for christians that are teenagers?
    The Jehovah's Witnesses website

    for young people鈥?/a>


    It's where you can learn real stuff..........unless you are into fables then I cannot help you

    What should I ask for for Christmas, coming from a 13 year old girl? Mothers please come here!!! & teenagers!!?

    If you have around a 13 year old daughter, what are you getting her, mothers? As her ';big gift';? Also, what would you approve of her getting?

    Teenage girls, what are you asking for for Christmas? I'm not interested in make up, clothes, sports. I'm not a girly girl.

    What should I ask for for Christmas, coming from a 13 year old girl? Mothers please come here!!! %26amp; teenagers!!?
    I have a 13 year old daughter and i have gotten her an mp4 player already for christmas. She is a hard one to buy for. i hope that helped. What should I ask for for Christmas, coming from a 13 year old girl? Mothers please come here!!! %26amp; teenagers!!?
    for a big gift, a ipod/mp3 player, portable DVD player, game system or camera would be nice. Those all have nice accessories to go with them too. Maybe a few CDs of her favorite singer/band/movie. I usually asked for books, movies and music for christmas. every once in a while I'd ask for an electronic gadget or doodad.
    ask for an Ipod or a Stero system or a Wii
    Ask for what you want.

    Maybe a movie, or some cds? Is there anything you need?

    Whenever you see two midlife adults kissing in public like teenagers, do you assume they are cheating?

    No, I would assume they're happy together, that's all!

    Why can't midlife people be in love? Maybe they have their lives settled and don't have to worry too much about the future anymore, maybe they learned to see deeper in the other person and liked what they found, maybe they don't care about what other people might think because they have grown out of that, maybe they aren't together for very long yet... The possibilities are endless!

    For me it's a lot better to see public displays of affection than of disrespect for others. And unfortunately we are no longer surprised by the latter.Whenever you see two midlife adults kissing in public like teenagers, do you assume they are cheating?
    If they were cheating on their spouses they wouldn't be kissing out in public where anyone and everyone could see them they would be to paranoid for that. If you see 2 middle age people making out in public they know something a lot of people don't and that is how to keep their romance alive. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Acting on their love when ever and where ever they are by kissing and holding hands it all helps with keeping the passion alive in a marriage no matter how long you been married.Whenever you see two midlife adults kissing in public like teenagers, do you assume they are cheating?
    No, I assume they are dating. There are many adults who are single nowadays, with so many divorces.

    after I see them I also think that is none of my business to think that they could be anything. It really isn't my business

    I'm married and sometimes I do it, my husband is Italian and is OK for him. We don't wear our rings, but I don't care about what noisy people think.
    Yes b/c when your an adult and married you understand that you should not show too much public affection b/c you want to be respectful of others! My husband and I are still in love with each other after 10 years and always hold hands and kiss in public but not over doing it! We used to but now that we're older it doesn't matter and it seems childish!
    Hey! I'm the one who is suppose to be watching everyone.

    I personally have to be careful and not kiss my wife that way, because it does not matter if it is in a store or a parking lot, so wants sex then and now. It's really embarrassing when Wal-Mart security escort you out of the store only in your underwear.
    My husband and I are hand holders in public. If I manage to get to play tonsil hockey with my hubby I am going to be able to take it to the next level in private. Sorry, can't help it, I can be such a horn-dog.
    No it a stupid assumption to think because to older people are kissing like that that they are cheating lmao. Could it be that they have been married before and newly divorced and they are finally happy with someone new lol...sheesh
    No, we do it all the time. We have fun. When we go out, people assume we are a couple that have just started to date. 8 years going strong, and we don't think it's wrong!
    Are there any other possibilities?

    I'm sure there is, like they both just got divorced or they were just found in the woods being raised by wolves.

    The list of possibilities is not very long.
    I don't like seeing anyone kissing in public. It makes my stomach turn. But no, I don't assume they're cheating. I just assume they want attention from everyone else.
    It's quite pathetic that our society has come to assumptions like that. Passion like that CAN be found in marriage. That is what married couples should be like.
    No, not at all! I would just assume they have a very passionate relationship; they could be married (to each other) but not necessarily. There's no way you could say for sure they are cheating though!
    Maybe not cheating, but a midlife crisis, or new relationship (honeymoon type period). I'd get a little grossed out.
    Why do you care?

    My husband and I are both middle aged and we still kiss each other in public so not everyone you see is cheating.
    No, I assume it's just two people who have lots of love for each other. I love seeing people being all lovey dovey, makes me smile.
    No unless they are not wearing wedding bands but then again my parents dont wear rings and are very kissy in public...
    No, I think it's sweet.. we are far from midlife (22 %26amp; 23) but damn we don't feel like teenagers with this baby running around. And my husband paws me all the time, lol.
    Sad how we think that when we see someone happy after 15-20 years of marriage someone is cheating
    No i assume they are married and very happy with each other.
    I never kiss my husband like that. Well, I did last weekend, but I was drunk.
    Yes, every time.
    Yep they have to be for sure!!! two married couple would not be kissing that way in there midlife!!
    lol.. no, I just wish it was me kissing a hottie like that instead of them! :)
    No, just a happy couple.
    No. But I KNOW they have no class..
    No I think it is sweet
    no. but i wonder y that cant afford the room?? :))
    yes i do and i wish i was them
    no middle age people have dates to and show affection
    good point.
    Passion like that only exists outside of your marriage.

    Hi I'm playing a game with a bunch of teenagers and the game is that?

    I dont know the official name of the game ,but you basically have a bunch of envelopes usually = to the amount of people in the group . Each of the envelopes have a whos most likely to ... Q. Like whos most likely to wear to different color socks etc and they all have to write who they think is most likely and its read out at the end . does anyone have any good ideas of whos most likely Questions thanxHi I'm playing a game with a bunch of teenagers and the game is that?
    who's most likely to dye their hair

    who's most likely to change their name

    who's most likely to meet someone on the internet

    who's most likely to throw a tantrum

    who's most likely to join the army

    email me for more :)Hi I'm playing a game with a bunch of teenagers and the game is that?
    Do you think (_a boy in your school) is cute?
    eat a catepillar.pick and flick.write a book.sleep standing up.sneak into a in a movie.fall down the stairs.get hit by the world.become a world renown chef.become a constuction worker.have funn.

    Why do so many teenagers runaway from home?

    im doing a school prioject and i was looking and i found depression and child abuse buh i have to go more into detail please helpWhy do so many teenagers runaway from home?
    Sometimes its stubborness. They think they are too grown up to accept adults decisions- when in reality adults know far more than they do about how the world works.

    I would look at a adolesent pysch textbook or a adolesent sociology text.Why do so many teenagers runaway from home?
    well thats true just becouse they want sometime to be alone ar to go runaway with another girl .so buddy know its your turn to think .

    plz do your own homework

    Do you thinmk that teenagers around say the age of 14 or so can really truly be in love?

    It depends, I'm 14 and I'm in love.Do you thinmk that teenagers around say the age of 14 or so can really truly be in love?
    It depends what you think ';love'; is. ';Love'; is a different thing to everybody. In my opinion, love is something that two beings have between each other. Rare and special. Often intimidated but never duplicated. I also think everyone loves everyone differently. Many different kinds of love. Love for your family, love for your friends, love for your pets, love strangers, love for your boyfriends/girlfriends. I'm 15 but I have never had a girlfriend myself.Do you thinmk that teenagers around say the age of 14 or so can really truly be in love?
    Come on be Realistic, he Double hockey sticks NO!!!

    You don't know what love is at all, you think you do but you don't and you guys actually think your in love just wait til your preteen minds come into the real teens and realize how dumb you are.

    oh and i'm 5 hours from being 16
    I say they can, but a lot of things are mistaken for love at that age, so you nevr raelly know.. It's POSSIBLE, but not probable. Everyone ssaid when I said I love my boyfriend 6 months ago, they kept saying it was puppy love...but I'm still loving him today!
    Of couse! Yes, it's rare, but it does happen!!!

    Sure, some teenages say it as much as they say 'hi' and don't actually mean it. But there are some that are truly in love and it's beautiful.

    Congrats on finding your true love btw!!! :)

    Oh, and I'm 13.
    wow... i'll give you 'lovers' one year. two year tops.

    edit: to all those 13 yr. olds saying that you're in 'love'; you wouldn't know what love is is it slapped you across. go play with your barbies.
    It's obviously possible, just not very common. Most teenagers who say they are in love clearly aren't, but there are definitely those who are in love.

    I'm fifteen.
    yes its possible but very rare and i dont think u really know for sure at that age because u probably havent had many serious relationships
    Yes you could be but you have to be very lucky!

    I'm fourteen myself never had a boyfriend though.

    Hope I helped!
    im 14 and no i think you have to know wut love is before you fall into it.... although ive been pretty close.... maybe your mistaking love for lust
    im almost 14 and me and this amazing girl met in a drama class and fell in love. it is posible.
    Anyone can be in love no matter what the age.

    Oh. I'm 14 too.
    no I don't think so

    below me: that's infatuation, I think
    no you think you are but it will pass trust me i have had that before... it sucks
    anybody really believe in love?

    Aww, thats great for you :D
    puppy love


    **** YOU *****!
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